Autumn is here, the maple leaves are red

Autumn is here, the maple leaves are red

😁#New Hampshire👉#(New Hampshire) Located in the northeastern United States, White Mountain National Forest (White Mountain National Forest) is a good place to see the maple leaves
🤗Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont to the west and Maine to the east. Maple leaves are so beautiful

😤Here you can also do outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, camping, kayaking, bird watching, observation, etc.
😊When it comes to enjoying the red leaves, the official website of the park will tell visitors which day or days the area of ​​red leaves is the largest and the color of the leaves is the most beautiful based on past data and field observations.


😍This is when I came to Baishan National Forest to enjoy the maple with the antique steam train (this is the second steepest train in the world)
[Blow kiss R] The lovely and nostalgic Conwy Scenic Railway, in the shape of an ancient steam train, travels through canyons and creeks,
😜There are two types of train routes, one is a round trip for 1 to 2 hours, and the other is 5.5 hours long. Sit on top and enjoy the breeze all the way.

😭How to get there?
It’s about 5 hours drive from New York State
It takes about 4 hours to drive from Providence to Baishan National Forest Park
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