Cinderella's lovely castle One of the most beautiful floating palaces in Europe

Cinderella's lovely castle One of the most beautiful floating palaces in Europe

😊 #Moritzburg is located in south-central Germany, which can be called one of the most beautiful floating palaces in Europe
😉 has creamy yellow walls and crimson dazzling sloping roof, which is the prototype of Grimms Märchen Aschenputtel
😚 Standing in the beautiful and picturesque pond scenery, Moritzburg in summer night is full of fairy tales

😇 The entire castle is composed of four round towers. It is located on an artificial island 👉from 1542 to 1546. It was just a hunting hut. The surrounding woodland and lakes have always been Saxony and the king liked it. Hunting area
A Baroque church was built here 👉between 1661 and 1671, and it was not gradually expanded until August II.
😜 The antler hunting hall is quite famous in the castle. The walls here are covered with 17th century gilded leather. The furniture in many rooms is also specially designed for court hunting.

🥰 When you come here, you can see the red antlers on the wall hanging all around. There are 66 of them in total. They were basically hunted after Frederick III was registered in Brandenburg.
😠 Germany is known as the "land of castles". It is said that there are 10,000 or 20,000 castles in Germany, which is a paradise for castle lovers
😁 Why are there so many castles? In thousands of years, the European continent has launched aggression against the British Isles many times, but they have not been able to last.
😤 In the end, the French Duke of Normandy "revolutionary" invented the castle tactics, and built a castle every time he captured a land. It was able to attack and retreat, and finally succeeded in annexing England.
😭 Before unification in 1871, Germany had 300 vassal states. Therefore, you can see countless castles along the way of #莱河[location]#, which is the best testimony of this period of history.

🤑 How to get there?
Dresden and Meissen are each about 15 kilometers away.
30 minutes from the city of Dresden by train
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