Watch the aurora, tour the fjords, Senja, and listen to the tranquility of the world

Watch the aurora, tour the fjords, Senja, and listen to the tranquility of the world

😲Senja is Norway’s second largest island, and it is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts in winter and summer.
😎If you want to stay away from human noise and have close contact with nature, this is the right place
😗Located between Tromsø Fjord and Lofoten
👉See the magnificent fjords 👉 the aurora and the beautiful aurora
😝Suitable for 2 nights

😄How to play
👉Driving to see the scenery
🤣Enter Senja from the Finnsnes Bridge and head east along Highway 86, passing the beautiful small fishing village Hamn, to the end of Highway 86 Gryllefjord.
😁The beauty of Senja is on the northwest coast of the island. There are two National Tourist Routes on the island, Rv860 and Rv861. Rv861 basically runs through the northwest bank of Senja, driving along the road, you can enjoy different views of Senja. You can choose to go to many places along Highway 861. When you travel around the island along Rv861, turn to Rv864 at Skaland. After 864 to the end, you will go to Highway 86.

👉Visit Polar Park
😇It is the northernmost polar safari park in the world. Here you can even kiss the silly northern wolves, and see the honest bears and large docile moose.

👉Kayaking to explore the coastline
😊The coastline of Bergsfjorden has clear water, white sandy beaches and many charming islands. From May to September, you can take a 3-4 hour kayaking trip here. Or hike or camp nearby.
😋Hotel Collection: Hamn i Senja
There are not many hotels on the island, Hamn i Senja has the largest scale, and you can also watch the gorgeous aurora at night
😍Suggested Itinerary
Day1-Day2: Tromso Airport-Lyngen Fjord
(About 3 hours by car)
Day3-Day4: Lyngen Fjord-Senja
(About 160 kilometers, about 2.5 hours by car)
Day5-Day6: Senja Island-Lofoten Islands
(About 300 kilometers, 6-7 hours by car)
DAY7: Lofoten Reine town, return trip
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