The largest organ church in Northern Europe

The largest organ church in Northern Europe

😜 #Grundtvigs Kirke# (Grundtvigt Church),👉 located in # Denmark # Copenhagen
😍 Because it looks like a pipe organ, it’s called
😊 There is actually a pipe organ that is said to be the largest in Northern Europe.

👉The largest pipe of this pipe organ is 10 meters long and weighs 425 kilograms
👉And the smallest tweeter is only 5 cm long
👉There are 4052 tubes in the entire organ
👉The pipes that people can see in the church are only 3% of all pipes. The outer pipes are made of tin-lead alloy, while the inner pipes are made of tin, copper or wood.
😍 The foundation of the pipe organ church was laid on September 8, 1921 on Gerongwei’s birthday, and it was completed on September 8, 1940. The church took 19 years to complete.

😎 is an extremely rare expressionist architectural style church. Due to the scarcity of buildings of this style, the Organ Church has become one of the most famous churches in the city.
😘 You can buy the Copenhagen city pass and order it online. There is a visitor center at the airport where you can get a physical card. You can take the bus and see most of the attractions within 3 days. So I took the bus directly from the city, and it took 5 minutes to get off the bus.
🤡 The exterior of the church is also made of hand-made yellow bricks, which complements the internal shape and forms a breathtaking architectural artwork.
😛 The entire church shares 6 million bricks, and all of these yellow bricks are made by six specially appointed bricklayers. The church can accommodate 1,800 people [大笑R] Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:00 to 16:00 (Sunday 9:00 to 18:00)
😨 The church is open all year round, not only during religious ceremonies, and its pipe organ is also often used in concerts.

😾 In Europe, if you happen to encounter a pipe organ playing when you visit a church, you must sit down and listen and be intoxicated.
😇 A formal pipe organ performance, the pipe organ roars, the violin is melodious, the pipe music is low, and there is a cantata, whirling on the dome of the church. Feast your ears.

How do I get there?
The more convenient starting point in the city center is Nørreport. There are two options:
Bus line 6A (Emdrup Torv direction), take 14 stops, get off at Bispebjerg Torv, and walk for two minutes;
 Train Bx 55124 (direction of Farum St.), take 5 stops, get off at Emdrup St., and walk about 850
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